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Original Brand Service

Our company is ISO22716 certified GMP manufacturer, offering professional cosmetics and care products OEM/ODM service.


Our main business covers

  • Designing and manufacturing the whole series of cosmetics, care, handmade soap and personal cleansing products for facial and body care.
  • Designing and manufacturing the products tailor-made for the clients for their own brand, providing the service to create own brand.
  • Professional cosmetics original equipment manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing, care products original equipment manufacturing, helping clients to expand the market.
  • Also offering market planning and analysis, providing brand application service for the clients, designing the corporate identity system (CIS) such as packaging materials, cartons, containers, catalogues, DM…etc., and to provide the complete information of the products.


Research, Development and Quality Assurance

  • Over the years we have been devoted to innovation, research and development of the products. The raw materials used are from the reputational cosmetics material manufacturers around the world.  With development, manufacture, service, and quality as our main goals, we enhance the high quality and high stability of the products.
  • Having research, development and quality control as our core value we always strive to improve. With practical creativity, research and development, we continuously provide the most advanced product information, helping the clients to develop the products and new markets.
  • With flexible, trendy market sensitivity, and the huge database of test production accumulated over time, we actively develop and design new formulas, and to control the stability of the formulas.
  • The research team carries out the test by applying the products personally, also by instrument test, to repeatedly ensure the experience, safety, and stability of the products.
  • The salespeople’s feedback of market information, the rich test production data accumulated in numerous research and development, all contribute greatly to fulfilling clients’ need and shortening the delivery cycle.


Equipment and Environment

  • We have a wide range of production equipment. In production process, different sizes of equipment are implemented to fulfill various needs of the clients for market planning.
  • Clean room environment for cosmetics manufacturing, filling and packaging, to ensure the quality of the products
  • A sound quality assurance system is established, covering all aspects from warehouse receipt inspection of raw materials and packaging materials, to quality inspection, physical test of the semi-finished material.
  • Samples of end products are retained and managed to ensure the quality, safety, and social responsibility of the products after they hit the market.